InContext_3 essays

Incontext3 essays1

This book of essays, [download  InContext_3_Essays] compiled and edited by Sarah Searson (mediator, InContext 3) presented an occasion to reflect on the work made by the five resident artists over a period of two years. It also considers how the artists’ work may have impacted on or involved the community and place.

In Context 3 built on the principles underpinning and learnings gained from the previous two phases of commissioning public art under the In Context programme, and is informed by the Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism’s General National Guidelines for delivery of Per Cent for Art Schemes, published in 2004 (ref:

It strives for high levels of community engagement, awareness of different audiences, diversity and excellence in all artistic disciplines and art forms, site or non-site specific and permanent or temporary work, and sensitivity to context. Inherent to In Context 3 is a marked openness with regard to artistic outcomes; and essential to this openness is the programme’s emphasis on TIME enabling artists to explore ideas and realise projects within a supportive environment.


Jennifer Walshe – GRUPAT

Bik van der Pol – ARENA

Jackie Sumell – A=AGHT


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